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The easiest way to manage tennis programs online.


“I have worked with JJ and his team to help improve my existing business and start a new one. It’s been a delight working with them. Everybody is kind, patient, and seem to really care about my business.  Before we started working together, they made sure we were comfortable with their team,  their procedure, and they took time to really try to understand my business, the challenges we were facing, and to propose appropriate solutions.  They are always willing to help or find resources that can help. It’s also great to have a comprehensive team for business strategy, technology, advisory and help with funding. With Pismo ventures, it’s like having a growth partner from the seed stages to hopefully a massive unicorn exit 🙂  So far, it’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to growing many more businesses with them. “

Lille Krukrubo

Founder , TrackMyTennis

Bitstream Audio

One audio interface, multiple synchronized DAW USB inputs.

“Starting a company is no trivial task. Working with Pismo has been a great experience as an entrepreneur. Having a team of experienced serial entrepreneurs like JJ and his team has given me the confidence I need as a new CEO. Were looking forward to keep building our company together!”


Bitstream Audio


Indoor mapping technology for airports, malls, hospitals, hotels, campuses, etc…

“I have been working with JJ Richa and the team at Pismo Ventures for the few months on our business strategy. JJ is really smart and has helped us formulate our products’ strategy, pricing and focus on growth. First, he is a strategic thinker who thinks about the big picture. One of my favorite JJ’s saying is “are you building a business or just covering salaries and expenses?” He gets very detailed and further helps with contracts and strategic partnerships. He is creative and innovative. He has come up with new ways to offer and package our solutions to help us catapult. Lastly, he is a fun guy to work with who brings a lot of energy to our meetings. I am grateful to work with JJ and highly recommend him to any startup or any company looking to scale their growth.”

Founder and CEO